Esfahan Restaurant

Credit  Card holders can enjoy a 15% discount on the total bill at Esfahan Restaurant.

Business info:

Esfahan is a celebration of the famous Iranian world heritage city with its Islamic architecture ranging from the 11th century to 19th century. Esfahan Restaurant is an oasis in the hot desert. In the 16th century, scholars said “Esfahan nesf-eh jahan” (Esfahan is half the world) to express the city`s grandeur. Five hundred years later, Duke Ellington named one of his most striking melodies after the great city.

Special Terms and Conditions:

  • Payments must be made with a Finance House Credit Card or an Islamic Finance House Covered Card by the Card holder him/herself.
  • Card holders must identify themselves as Finance House Credit Card members or Islamic Finance House Covered Card members to avail this discount.
  • This discount may not be combined with other promotions Esfahan Restaurant may be offering at the time.

Other Terms & Conditions